Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Shadow meets the Shroud

     Iax with it's massive amounts of green fauna and infestation of a new generation of Tyranids was proving too difficult with the garrison of Ultramarines and the Imperial Guard in training. Though the Ultramarines had success in destroying most of the Hive Fleet Kraken many of the infestation had spread through many nearby systems. The Ultramarines began having difficulties destroying the infestation of these other systems. The Adeptus Astartes believed these new generation of Tyranids to be a unique enemy, continually adapting and becoming ever more viscous and destructive in nature, but the ranks of new recruits of the Imperial Guard created rumors of superstition believing that these beings were something supernatural. These rumors spread through their ranks and were even adopted by some of the younger higher ranking officers. These rumors were eventually received by the forces of the Inquisition.
     Inquisitor Maltrix, one of the newest of the higher ranking inquisitors jumped at the opportunity to prove his mettle to his superiors. On his personal ship the Dommina, Inquisitor Maltrix took a detachment of Grey Knights to destroy the possible Daemons hiding in the great jungles of Iax. Maltrix took information from the Imperial Guard for the sightings of these strange creatures. A group of heavy infantry was sent, the idea being not to overcome the jungle by stealth, but by resiliency. An assassin was sent to observe any actions and report on the identification of the creature, also believed that the comotion of the heavy infantry would detract attention from a single silent stalker. Maltrix also believed that he should try out the new technology a single Dred Knight was deployed with a techmarine to flush out large areas of dense jungle.
      The Grey Knights found a worthy location to set up a command hub, and would spread out destroying fauna bit by bit until the perceived daemons were found. On the third night and very little jungle destroyed, large amounts of rustling started on the newly created treeline. The squad of Grey Knights on duty called immediately for reinforcements. Two squads of terminators were deployed via teleport along side the new Dred Knight. The assassin was called in from a distance to witness the events that might unfold.
     A massive green creature with large wings and what seem to be massive talons appeared before the Grey Knights and disappeared into the foliage quickly reappearing in from of the Dred Knight, it's massive scythes ripping into the metal hulk. Screeching billowed out of the monster as talon after talon drove into the Dred Knight. Struggling with the weight of the beast the Drek Knight lifted up and with a swift left hook the metal fist drove itself deeply into the skull of its enemy. The assassin quickly identified the winged best as a variant Hive Tyrant and relayed the little information to the other forces. Silence followed the fall of the heavy being, then a whistling. The terminators and Dred Knight were too occupied with the Tyrant and the jungle to look to the skies. It seemed that the Ultramarines were being deployed to assist the Grey Knights, but they had not been called and Inquisitor Maltrix was unaware that the Ultramarines knew of this exact location. But they were all wrong.
     As the drop pods got closer the assassin noticed a difference to their strcture, but he was too late to relay the observation. They landed within meters of the Grey Knight hub and as they opened a fog flowed from inside the pods. Tentacles stretched out as thousands of shards streamed out crashing into the squad. Justicar Fathos was the only one to take cover in time to see the horrifying monsters that stepped out of the pods. Each creature was armed with talons similar to that of the Tyrant and each seemed to be holding some form of gun. Thrown into a rage Fathos charged the creatures and was quickly struck down before he could lay a single blow. The terminators with their hulking bodies lumbered as quickly as possible back to their hub. As they rushed more pods dropped all around them. This time the designated librarian sensed psychic beings. Floating creatures came forth and began emanating light into the terminators. The librarian struggled to keep the beams back while the thousands of shards began driving into the terminators.
    One by one the terminators began to fall they as they rushed to attack a group of the mysterious floating creatures. Easily the creatures fragile bodies folded under the weight of the terminators halberds. The assassin amazed at the power took his rifle and let out a single shot taking a chunk out of the floating creatures large head and it began to sink and fall. The other two turned and as if nothing had happened the squad of three turned and combined their fire at the now exposed assassin. And in that shot he vaporized.
     The terminators were gaining ground on the shard spitters, while the Dred Knight rushed at the floating creatures. Fathos began being attacked by tentacles emanating from the pod itself! The pod ripped out the right arm that had been hanging there from the earlier fight with the Tyrant while the mighty left fist of the Dred smashed down into the side wall killing the creature that infested the pod. The terminators were assaulted in a ambush of talons and shards. Outnumbered the Grey Knight Terminators one by one stuck blows into the head of each monster. Talons ripped into several members, but none fell as all of the creatures fell. In the distance a large white beam incinerated the Dred Knight, the librarian too preoccupied to shield the new machine. The terminators turned to take care of the floating creatures when brother Asmon pointed upward and yelled, "Get ready brothers, the night is far from over!". Hundreds of pods began to fall and hundreds of beasts came out. The librarian called the ship for a teleport out and their was no answer at first, then a blood curdling scream came over their intercoms, "Their in the ship! We thought it was our brother Ultramarines! We thought they were here to help...We thought....ugggghhh!".

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