Saturday, March 26, 2011

Imperial Guard Bravery "For the....O crap there's more!" Battle Report

Another Test game for my nids. Jason P. decided to step up and face my nid shooty list with his outflanking in masses Guard. I changed my list to make it legal, but found that I liked the changes. So here we go!


Hive fleet Iax

Hive Tyrant, Paroxysm, Leech essence
Regen, Hive Commander, Wings, 2x Scything Talons 275

Zoants (3)
Meiotic Spore (220)

Zoants (3)
Meiotic Spore (220)

Warriors (6) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore (280)

Warriors (6) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore (280)

Warriors (5) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore (245)

Jason's Imperial Guard
I will admit I don't know guard so here's the best I could do with his list:

Al Raheim with a squad inside a chimera

Veteran Squad with Melta and Plasma Guns in a Chimera

Veteran Squad with Melta and Plasma Guns in a Chimera

A large unit infantry with 5 guys with Power weps, and a commissar

Company Command with Straken

2X Vendetta, the 3 las cans

The Board: Tons of buildings scattered everywhere, expect for the North and South center.

Mission: Messed up version of Capture and control. You place 3 objectives in the others deployment and the objectives you place are the only ones that matter. We each placed 1 in the center of both deployments and 1 on each side 12" away.
Deployment: Pitched battle

He won the roll to go first. I of course declared everything deep striking. He declared everything outflanking.

Turn 1 for both of us was nothing. The whole game went very quickly.

Turn 2 Jason's Guard

Because of his astropath and Al Raheim he was able to get everyone on the board and on the sides he wanted. The west side was the large infantry unit into a building, Company command, and 1 vendetta all going for his objectives in the south. The east side had the other vendetta going for protection of his objectives and the 2 veteran squads for denial of my objectives in the north. All his vehicles popped smoke.

Movement: See above
Shooting: None
Assault: None

Turn 2: Hive Fleet Iax

I got a great reserves roll! Both Zoant squads, and all 3 warrior squads, HT even came in
Movement: Each vendetta had a zoant squad within 6". 1 warrior squad was on the South center objective. And the other two warrior squads surrounded the northern most veteran squad.

Shooting: West side vendetta blew up, the other was shaken (by the pod not the zoants, they did nothing). South warriors Shot and killed only 3 guys in the large unit. The other warriors destroyed the veteran chimera and killed all but about 4 vets.
Assault: none

Turn 3: Jason's Guard

Movement: Large unit marched towards their objectives the last vendetta flew and hid, the vets in the living chimera started going for my east side zoants
Shooting: His command company chimeria shot at my south warriors, gave them a wound.
Assault: none

Turn 3: Hive Fleet Iax

Movement: Barely any, just enough to guarantee shots on everything I was already targeting. HT moved to assault the large unit.
Shooting: 1 zoants kill the vendetta, kill off the remaining 4 vets from the turn before. The other zoants just shake the company command chimera, and the south warriors take out a couple more infantry. The HT paroxized the large unit of guard
Assault: HT assaults the large unit, kills 3. Out of his 20 power wep attacks HT took 1. The rest of the guard forced 3 saves and I fail all of them! He moved the unit closer to the zoants.

Turn 4: Jason's Guard

Movement: Some more slow moving from the large unit. And the vet chimera kept going for the zoants but still way out of range.
Shooting: Not enough to really comment. besides 1 pod dieing. and 1 zoant
Assault: The big unit went for the squad of zoants and the squad of warriors in the center. Killed both units and I barely did anything to the big unit.

Turn 4: Hive Fleet Iax

Movement: The north-center warriors spread out to take 2 objectives and the North-east warriors moved to shoot the vet chimera.
Shooting: Pod and north-center killed a couple of guardsmen, Last zoants kill the east chimera. and the north-east warriors kill the guardsmen that were in it.
Assault: None

Turn 5: Jason's Guard

Movement: The large unit ignored the South center pod and moved in on the other zoant pod.
Shooting: None
Assault: The big unit assaulted my zoants pod. and tried catapulting itself to the last objective.

Turn 5: Hive Fleet Iax

Movement: Not really anything
Shooting: none, not in range
Assault: none

We rolled to go on to turn 6 and Jason rolled a 2. I had 3, we measured and Jason was about 4 inches out.

Victory: Hive Fleet Iax, barely

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