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Confused Grey Knights "I'm not a daemon! I'm a Tyranid!" Battle Report

So Hive Fleet Iax met and faced the full fury of the new version of Daemon Hunters. The Daemon Hunters also met with my full fury of my new nids! So I will go into detail about the game without any storyline and then the version of story that I will come with after. So here it goes:


Hive fleet Iax

Hive Tyrant, Paroxism, Leech essence
Regen, Hive Commander, Wings, 2x Scything Talons 275

Zoants (3)
Meiotic Spore with cluster spines (220)

Zoants (3)
Meiotic Spore with cluster spines (220)

Warriors (6) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore with Cluster Spines (290)

Warriors (6) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore with Cluster Spines (290)

Warriors (6) with Death Spitters
Meiotic Spore with Cluster Spines (290)

Yeah did the math and found out I had been cheating. With a 1585 list, but their was plenty of issues on boths sides so I didn't mind.

Fabio's Grey Knights (as best as I could remember)
Tons of AP 4 weps and an entire army of instant death, makes me wish i was back in 4th ed.

Grand master (some special character with 4 wounds, eternal warrior, 5 attacks, thunder hammer, and about as expensive as my HT)


Vindicare assasin

Termies in a Big squad with some special character Justicar

Grey Knights with 2 psycannons

Termies in a smaller squad

Dred Knight with a super psycannon

Tech marine

The Table:
Our table was set up by Tweed who cam along to help us learn the codex. He set it up with a building in the deep part of each quarter and several large walls scattered throughout and a large "muddy" area in the south west quarter. Fabio and I declared the walls impassable and the mud area as just difficult, all the buildings were ruins.

The mission: Capture and Control with Dawn O' War

Placing the objectives: He placed his objective in the north-west building. And I placed mine in the south-west behind all the mud and walls.

The roll: I won the roll and allowed Fabio to go first. I really wanted to screw up how he would set up.

Deployment: He deployed the small squad of termies in the center-west section the board. He also deployed the grey knights squad on his objective inside the building.I kept fighting the idea of whether or not I should put the Tyrant on or not, mainly because he can usually eat termies pretty well. I got convinced that putting him on would kill him faster. So I declared everyone deep-striking.

Pre-game: His character gives special abilities to any of his units that arn't tanks, He rolls a D3 and that many units that that chosen ability. He gets a 3 and makes everything that wasn't scoring now scoring. Yup the dred knight and the vindicare.

Turn 1: Fabio's Grey Knights
He deepstrikes the big unit of termies (first turn and they don't scatter! holy crap).
Movement: Moves the tech marine on into coherency of the grey knights squad. And the small unit of termies go south.
Shooting: Did some runs.
Assaults: None

Turn 1: Hive Fleet Iax
Don't get reserves
Movement: None
Shooting: None
Assaults: None
I realized here that I might cut off a turn for my opponent for shooting and assaults, he gets to move into better position to recieve my attack.

Turn 2: Fabio's Grey knights
He rolls his resverves and everything else comes in. He places his Dred Knight in the South East section of the board because that's where his locator beacon is. and the vinicare outflanked on the furthest south-west corner moving towards my objective.
Movement: The termies spead out (I think he was tyring to mess up my deep-strikes while moving towards my objective) The vindicare, now a scoring unit, was planning on sitting on my objective.

Turn 2: Hive Fleet Iax
With Hive Commander I was able to get most of my units on the board. I got the HT, and all 3 warrior squads, the Zoants just have to wait. I figured I would try to take out the guys sitting on his objective and make it my own stronghold in 1 turn. I place the HT next to the squad in the North-west corner and he mishaps into some impassable terrain, I roll on the mishap chart and Fabio places the tyrant in the south-west corner next to his dred knight. Each of my 3 warrior pods come down in a circle next to his unit in the north-west corner.

Movement: None
Shooting: The pods do their super blasty fun and kill about 3 guys. I pump my 54 str 5 shots into the unit and reduce the grek knight squad down to just the justicar, I even killed the tech marine! My HT attempts to paroxism his dred Knight, but the hood on the board stopped me.
Assaults: None

Turn 3: Fabio's Grey Knights
Everything is on.

Movement: He starts moving all the termies back towards his objective, a very slow process, but he makes it about half way from his starting point. The dred Knight moves towards my HT. The justicar moves towards my warriors standing on the south side of the north-west building.
Shooting: Vindicare doesn't have line of sight. The termies run, and the single justicar shoots his storm bolter which does nothing. The dred knight is too close for his large blast.
Assaults: The justicar rushes into my warriors and epic fails his attacks, I kill him. The HT hits and wounds with all his attacks against the dred knight, the dred makes all but 1 of his invuln saves, ugh. The dred knight hits with 1 and wounds with it and go figure it's a force wep, the HT dies to a model that has 100 pts less.

Turn 3: Hive Fleet Iax
Though my tyrant is dead I get both zoant squads come in. I place them really close on both sides of marching termies. I was hoping that he would stop for an easy kill and save me an extra turn.

Movement: I moved all my warriors into the now free north-west building.
Shooting: My zoant spores shot the termies and didn't do anything. 2 of my warrior spores shot and killed 1 termie in the smaller squad. I poured all my warrirors into the smaller squad and killed almost all of them but 1. My zoants failed to do anything with the hood on the board, yup shut all but 1 shot down and that shot missed.
Assaults: None

Turn 4: Fabio's Grey Knights

Movement: All his termies march closer to my warriors. And the dred knight starts the long walk back to the west side of the board.
Shooing: The dred knight shoots his super psycannon and does 1 wound to 1 warrior. The vindie puts 1 wound on a zoant.
Assaults: The small squad of termies assaults my warriors to the north-east of the north west building.What's left of the small squad kills 1 guy and then proceeds to die. He tried to set up an assault with his big termie unit to get both zoants, but he couldn't get them to remain choherency so he settled for the north squad. They force wep, and thunder hammer the crap out of the zoants.

Turn 4: Hive Fleet Iax

Movement: I move the zoants towards my own objective, and try to reposition the warriors in a way to take his next assault.
Shooting: The zoants shoot and manage to kill the vinicare, my objective is now free and I own the other. Everything else pours itself into the big squad of termies and reduces it down to about 5 guys, 2 characters, 2 thunder hammers, and 1 regular guy.
Assaulting: Yup, none.

Turn 5: Fabio's Grey knights

Movement: The dred knight moves towards my remaining zoants and the termies move towards the southern most warriors.
Shooting: The dred knight is too close again to shoot. The termies shoot and don't do antyhing to the warriors.
Assaults: Not having enought room between the impassable and my pod the dred knight assaults my pod. He kills it but the pod causes a wound, go whips! The termies assault and kill the warrior squad, they did nothing back.

Turn 5: Hive Fleet Iax

Movment: I move the Zoants towards my objective, this confuses Fabio, but he sees later my plan. The warriors move as best around the objective as possible.
Shooting: The zoants shoot and kill the dred knight with their lance weps, they were now outside the hood range! The remaining warriors and 3 pods pour evything into the unit of termies. All I manage to do is to put some wounds on the characters and kill his banner bearer ( I found out that his banner gives 1 attack and makes all force weps automattically go off, for only 25 pts! cheap).
Assaults: Fabio told me how these termies were an HQ retinue and right now the worst I could do was tie. So I got greedy and assaulted the termies with both warrior squads not realizing what they had done to my other units. He passed some sort of psychic power that made me take difficult and dangerous. I didn't stop to think not to assault, but I did anyway. The dangerous killed 1 full warrior in 1 squad and I don't have frags so he went first with everything. He killed all but 1 in one squad and 2 in the other. I didn't do anything.

Fabio rolls and we get a turn 6

Turn 6: Fabio's Grey Knights

Movement: None
Shooting: None
Assaults: His character makes another termie (another ability I didn't know about, what a stupid character for only 270). He kills one squad and fails with the other that only has 1 guy left.

Turn 6: Hive Fleet Hive Iax

Movement: A attempt to get into range with my zoants.
Shooting: Zoants get shut down by the hood. And the pods fail to do anything
Assaults: None

We roll and there is no turn 7!

Game: Tie

Good things: Learn tons about the new grey knights codex. My shooting while it doesn't seem effective does a good amount of dmg and zoants in any game rock!

Bad things: Though my troops have 3 wounds a piece they are considerably fragile. An entire army of insta-killy is the absolute worst for me to go against. Also, I should consider having the tyrant on the board for two turns, but try to keep him safe. He is still a scary threat that people move their units differently for. And last but not least. If someone does a psychic power that affects my assault dramatically, I can choose not to assault in, guess that is a good and bad thing.

Stay tuned for my short fluff version of the battle!

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