Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update: Break Almost Over!

       School has been tough lately and it has been difficult to do anything 40k related. The 40k group here in Cheney doesn't meet every week (every other in fact). And I refuse to play half of them. The last real playing I was able to do was the Fight Club Challenge about a month ago, where i got my butt kicked and kinda had some fun thanks to a good friend and an earthquake.
     This post is to remind everyone, an myself, about the passion of the planet Iax. For me, the bugs alone are enough, but I feel that the story line has become bigger and more encompassing of ideals than I originally thought. Bruisemere and Oroton are two of my favorite characters. I will soon introduce my newest character an Ork! With the three-day weekend coming I will be sure to get this next section done. And in about 3 weeks I will have more time to commit to the Hive, but until then I will have to settle with just a post here and there.
    I played a game today. It was supposed to be a mock Ard' Boyz. I'm not against the concept, but I normally don't play in it. My opponent really wanted to know what it was like (he works weekends and doesn't really get to play tournies). I'm not going to have a full battle report because frankly I don't remember half the game, I am a bit tired, plus 2500 is hard to remember for his list and my thrown together list. But some Highlights:
Game was Table quarters and both of my Genestealers squads came on the wrong side, but that didn't matter.
      He had plenty of Heavy bolters, but alas my Warrior unit with lashwhips and boneswords made back their points tripple (bout 1300). And the 2 Hive Tyrants made back their 275 pt cost and more, they lived the whole game. In the end I had lost maybe 600 pts? And he had 3 troop transports and a 5 man squad when he quit. I hate winning like that, but he wanted Ard!
    So this is the problem I am having with my nids. I either table people, like I used to, or I get tabled. It feels like rock paper scissors. I have to get my army ready for august and OFCC, but how can I plan when there is way too much inconsistency? I will just have to figure this out.
     Anyway, thank you all who read this blog, I appreciate your support!