Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Survival of the fittest: Tournament Report

The fleet had met with a mix of little and great success this last weekend. Unlike my normal battle reports I am only go over some brief highlights and some interesting things that happened in each game. So here we go!

The Tournament: Located at Gamer's Haven in Postfalls, ID, the event was unique to say the least. Three rounds 2500 pts. You make a 2500 pt list and split it into 1500, 500, and 500. Whatever died in the previous game stayed dead.

Here's a rough outline of my list:
2 Flyrants both with STalons

2 lictors

3 Zoants in a pod

20 Genestealers with Broodlord and poison

20 Genestealers with Broodlord and poison

18 Genestealers with poison

20 Gaunts

6 Warriors with deathspitters

1 Dakka Fex in a Pod

My first game was against an ork player with almost 0 shooting. I almost tabled him with 1 unit. But a bad last close combat left me with 1 genestealer unit at full and 1 random stealer.

Second game was against an ork who had nothing but shooting. He however had lost only about 100 pts  in his first game, and I lost around 800. So I had to quit to keep my forces alive or go into third round with nothing. But something cool to note. If a unit held an objective in the first game then they got to shoot a str 10 AP 1 large blast. My single genestealer shot and killed a killacan and 12 boys, go BS 0!

Third was against the ork players brother who had nids. This was the coolest game. He had everything in nids that I don't take. He had the typical tervigon, venomthropes, hive guard, and CC warriors! It was close the whole game, I went from unit to unit killing everything in CC and he would get to shoot at me with 2 dakkafexes, that's 24 shots! In the end I won primary which was killpoints and we tied secondary which was table quarters.

Overall Had tons of fun. I learned tons of the potential for nids, but I don't think I will follow those tactics anytime soon. Also, a good tactic is to try and board wipe someone in the firs round, but only if you can handle being that cheesy. Anyway, I will be adding very soon a new supplement to my Iaxian Nids!

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