Thursday, April 7, 2011

Battle Report: Grey Knights vs. Iax "Lest You Be Purged"

Alright, I got another game again against the new Daemon Hunters. And I tried for the first time my version of a "death star" unit. So here we go! 1500pts!

Hive Fleet Iax:

Hive Tyrant, Paroxysm, Leech essence
Regen, Hive Commander, Wings, 2x Scything Talons 275

Zoants (3)
Meiotic Spore (220)

Zoants (3) 
Meiotic Spore (220)

Warriors (9) with Lash whips bone swords and poison
Meiotic Spore (280)

Gaunts (20) normal guysMeiotic Spore (280)

Gaunts (20) normal guys Meiotic Spore (280)

Fabio's "Flaming" Grey Knights

I say "flaming" because he is modeling them as if they were fiery ethereal, very very cool! I will have pictures of them on here (without his permission) when he gets them done. But his list was shooting for a "well balanced" approach, which I appreciate.

Morkai with retinue of termies

Inquisitor with big retinue of CC goodness, some daemon hosts, deathcult etc. In a Chimera

Group of 5 Purifiers

5 Grey Knights, psycannon

A unit of Termies (kinda complex wound allocation)

Dread Knight w/ a flame ability 

Board: 1 building in the north-west corner (doesn't come into play) and a few scattered cliff plateaus. 

Deployment: Dawn o' War                          Mission: Kill! 

I give Fabio the first turn. He deploys nothing and declares Markai to deepstrike (comes in first turn, doesn't scatter ever! and the troops to deepstrike (they however need reserves and can scatter). 

Turn 1: Fabio's GK 

Movement: He has the North-side and smack in the middle-north is a cliff, he shoves everything on the west side of that and deepstrikes Morkai and his group on that side as well.

Turn 1: Hive Fleet Iax

After looking at my list you should all know, RESERVES! yay!

Movement: none
Shooting: none
Assault: none

Turn 2: Fabio's GK

All his reserves come in both troops are center-east and the rest of his stuff moves a bit south on the west side.

Movement: Stated above. But to note: His dread knight was due center-west with the termies about 24" away from any long table edge.
Shooting: none.
Assault: none.

Turn 2: Hive Fleet Iax

Reserves: HT, 1 Zoant Squad, and the Warriors. The HT goes center-west to take on his Grey knight troops. The Warriors drop behind his command chimera in the center-North. And the zoants are just west of the warriors behind his purifiers.

Movement: none.
Shooting: HT peroxides the GK troops. One pod kills a purifier, the other does nothing. Warriors stand and look pretty, in other words, I forgot I could run them. Zoants shoot and get two hits, two wounds, they go to ground and...two die.
Assault: none.

Turn 3: Fabio's GK
Movement: His two troops center-east move in towards the HT. Everything else moves in on the warriors and zoants. He even got out his inquisitor and retinue to test their mettle!
Shooting: The two troops shoot and take off 3 wounds on the tyrant. A zoant takes a wound from his HQ termies and a warrior is killed between the dread knight, the chimera, and the HQ inquisitor.
Assault: Dread Knight goes into the warriors and the Inquisitor HQ and retinue have to combi-assault the warriors and the pod. I put three wounds on the dred knight and kill almost the entire unit, 1 warrior goes down and so does the pod. Dread knight fails his fearless saves and the HQ unit passes its stubborn. His grey Knights go to assault my HT, 2 die and do nothing to him.

Turn 3: Hive Fleet Iax

Reserves: Everything else comes in. I place both units of guants on each side of his troop termies. and the other zoants south-east from the center of the board.
Movement: Move the zoants back so they can't be assaulted.
Shooting: Both gaunts pour all 40 shots into the termies and alas...nothing, but some special character who can stand back up. The south zoants I think killed a termie and so does the other squad with the other termies.
Assault: Warriors kill rest of unit and nothing back to them. The HT hits with all and kills the remaining GK troop unit. 

Kill points: Iax 4, GK 1

Turn 4: Fabio's GK
Movement: Termies move towards my warriors and the purifiers stand up to take on the zoants. The chimera moves east and so does the troop termies.
Shooting: Chimera kills the HT, damn! A warrior dies to the other termies.
Assault: HQ termies rush in and everyone but the character dies before they swing. His character however kills 4 warriors, damn thunder hammers! The purifiers kill a zoant and the zoants kill 1, I make my fearless saves. His troop termies kill off almost all of a gaunt squad and they fail all their fearless saves, more damn!

Turn 4: Hive Fleet Iax
Movement: I move the east zoants forward, I didn't want him to combi-assault a pod. and the other gaunts move down a bit (kinda forced). 
Shooting: The east zoants blow up the chimera, the gaunts do nothing. 
Assault: Warriors kill his character. And the zoants kill the last purifier. Go head butting!

Kill points: Iax 7, GK 3

Turn 5: Fabio's GK

To note: he had the special character who has a chance to stand up every turn, and has failed twice!

Movement: Termie unit moves in for the zoants.
Shooting: none.
Assault: Tries to combi assault zoants and a pod and fails, but annihilates the zoants.

Turn 5: Hive Fleet Iax

zoants move in a bit to get a shot in as well.
Shooting: Gaunts do nothing (that's 80 by now and only the 1 wound character). Zoants knock down the unit to 3.
Assault: none.

We roll and get a turn 6.

Turn 6: Fabio's GK

The character stands back up!

Movement: The termie unit moves to assault both pods in the south-east.
Shooting: none.
Assault: The character charges the warriors and promptly dies. The termies kill the pod. I use the movement of the character to propel the warriors.

Turn 6: Hive Fleet Iax

At this point it's 7-5 and it looks like it might be a tie if I don't do something!
Movement: Warriors move in for the termies as does the gaunts. zoants start moving away.
Shooting: none.
Assault: Warriors Kill the unit.

And game ends. Hive Fleet Iax declared winner!

Thoughts: We agreed his list lacked cohesion and my list grew in power. Warriors were amazing, they themselves getting 6 out of the 9 Kill points. Gaunts did their job, fodder. And the zoants did what I want them to do every game, kill all the armor on the board (in this case just the chimera). Biggest thing I learned though is to run with my warriors next time!

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