Thursday, October 13, 2011

Has been awhile, but it's back! Summer Update.

School got a bit tough for awhile and I had to take a step back from the hobby. Over the summer I didn't get the chance to play in any of the BIG tournys I wanted to. No OFCC, No Ard Boyz, No SpoCon, nothing but twiddling my thumbs. I started working on my Daemon Hunters, but they for now can be shelved any time. I was held back from finishing my nids, not only from time, but from lack of parts. Damn GW and their back orders! However some parts cam in and I will start to work more on the Hive Fleet from Iax. Anyway, with the Club Challenge Tourney coming up I just might play with my nids once more!

I have two options:
Either my old 1500. 1 Flyrant, 10 Ymgarls, 20 Genestealers with a Broodlord and toxin sacs, and another 20 Genestealers kitted out the same and maybe some lictors or something (honestly after the stealers I don't care what the rest of the list is). The idea of this list is of course swarm. This is similar to the list I used to win tourneys with.

OR (big or)

My new list with the best amount of what I can get finished. It looks something like this:

1 Flyrant (+1 reserves)
3 Zoants in a Pod
1 Deathleaper Lictor
5 Ymgarls
9 Warriors in a pod (each warrior has bonesword, lashwhip, Stalons, and poison)
20 Gaunts in a pod (Each gaunt has a devourer)

The idea behind this list is to show up with as much as possible on turn 2. Really I only care about anything other than the lictor. He can get everything to auto come in turn 3 anyway. But this is a shut down list. Paroxism on the tyant is always awesome. Zoants pick a tank to kill. Gaunts pick an infantry unit and either kill it or cripple it. Ymgarls are just fun (really they're shock troops). And the Flyrant can be annoying. Warriors eat death stars as they should. I tie tons of games with this. Really it is ridiculous how many times I tie.

I guess I will use my old list as a back-up if I can't get my new list up and running in time. But I learned from last time that mix and matching is never a good idea. Well stay Tuned for the next update.

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